Interseasonal Storage

Interseasonal Heat Transfer
Interseasonal Heat Transfer is a new form of on site renewable energy developed by ICAX Ltd that integrates solar thermal collection in summer with heat storage in ThermalBanks to double the efficiency and Coefficient of Performance of ground source heat pumps in winter.
Interseasonal Heat Transfer captures surplus heat from summer sunshine, stores it in ThermalBanks™ in the ground and releases it to heat buildings in winter.
An IHT system includes a Solar Collector, a ThermalBank to store heat energy, and an ICAX_Skid which incorporates a heat pump and an ICAX Black Box electronic control system.
IHT™ saves over 50% of carbon emissions compared to using a gas boiler for heating.
Click to understand how IHT works to achieve new levels of energy efficiency in buildings by providing Sustainable Heating Systems for intelligent buildings.
Planning and Renewable Energy
The Merton Rule requires new developments to demonstrate at least 10% of on site renewable energy before planning permission is granted. Interseasonal Heat Transfer can now be used to generate over 40% of on site renewable energy and make large savings in annual running costs of heating. IHT can be incorporated into a building with no adverse visual impact: this is also a planning bonus.
Sustainable Heating Systems powered by solar energy
ICAX delivers Sustainable Heating Systems powered by solar energy collected by Solex Roofing. ICAX ensures that the systems delivered are in balance over the year as a whole by using detailed thermal modelling to balance the heating loads of a building in winter with the heat collected and stored in summer. IHT is a dynamic system that adapts to the changing temperature loads as the building use changes, weather patterns change or global warming shifts the balance of requirement for the building.

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