About Us

Solex Energy supplies competitively priced solar heating equipment and components to installers and housebuilders in the UK.

Our main line of business is our innovative range of solar roof tiles and slates, for completely building integrated solar heating applications.

We supply from stock and ship on a next day basis. Sales are taken online, with phone based technical backup and advice.

55m2 solar water and space heating roof - note 2 rows of absorbers left out to provide skylights
Our office in Dorset

History and ethos
Solex Energy is a Dorset based company established in 2001 to provide solar water heating solutions.

The founder and director Mr Peter Broatch had one goal in mind back then – make a significant contribution towards more sustainable homes by reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Today, this goal has been refined and Solex Energy’s main focus is on using solar energy more efficiently, and making it financially feasible to both the community and businesses.
After nearly 10 years working on the research, design and development of solar heating solutions, Solex Energy brought out its patented solar roof, increasing the number of types of solar collectors on the market to four – solar panels, evacuated tubes, unglazed plastic tubes and now solar roofing.
Solex Energy envisages Solex Roofing replacing conventional roofs of domestic new builds and renovation projects as well as commercial and industrial buildings.
“We endeavour to leave a safer, cleaner planet for the generations to come, and hope that this small step can help us move forward towards a more sustainable life style”
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