Solar Roofing - converts sunlight to useful heat

Solex solar roofing is an alternative to conventional roofing materials when constructing a roof. It provides an output of solar heated water, which may be used for hot water, space heating, pool heating or any other water heating application.

There are numerous benefits to incorporating solar heating technology in a roofing material, including:

• Aesthetically pleasing roofs with clean lines
• Low m2 cost compared to traditional solar panels
• Conventional building material costs offset2

• Provides for large solar collecting areas with large CO2 savings

Our solar roofing materials are compatible with conventional natural and manufactured roofing materials. They may be installed:

• To the extremities of a roof, or
• As a strip or patch surrounded by other roofing materials

The solar roofing consists of transparent roof tiles or slates made of toughened glass or unbreakable polycarbonate. This transparent layer overlies the solar absorbers, which are laid on the roof structure. The roof structure itself is completely conventional, and the solar roofing imposes no increased load on the building. It also takes up no additional space on the roof, or in the loft-space.

The roof to be covered should face between SE and SW, with south facing being ideal. The optimum pitch is between 30o and 50o for year round performance. For domestic systems, an area of 8m2 is adequate for providing 70-80% of the annual hot water requirement of an average household. Areas of 15-20m2 upwards will make a significant contribution to both water heating and central heating costs. Pool heating and industrial heating are other applications for our roofing systems.

The visual effect of the finished roof is a uniform medium to light grey, a combination of the reflection from the surface and the black colour of the absorber panels which lie beneath. Planning authorities have welcomed these roofs as a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to solar panels.

The sun shines through the transparent roof covering onto a silicone rubber solar absorber strip, which becomes hot. Water is circulated through the absorber strip by a pump, and transfers the absorbed heat to where it is required. The transparent covering roofing prevents heat loss from the absorber strip to the air, and a rear insulating layer prevents heat loss into the roof structure.

A solar controller unit controls the system and delivers the heat to where it is most needed. When no more heat is required the system simply shuts down, with no harm to the solar roof. The absorbers are freeze resistant, so antifreeze is not required in the system.

Installation Skills
• The roof battens are set out by a roofer.
• A plumber installs the absorber and manifolds, or supervises their installation by the roofer.
• The roofer installs the slates/tiles/cladding over the absorber strip.
• A plumber installs the pipe work and internal system parts.
• An electrically qualified person wires up the circulating pump and controller.

- we produce several solar roofing products to suit different applications:

These are glass double lap solar slates, which are directly compatible with traditional 500 and 600mm high (20” and 24”) size slates. They are installed onto a normal felted and battened roof structure, as a patch within natural slates or across the whole roof.


These are glass single lap slates which use a unique metal battening system. The glass slates are compatible with Nu-Lok ceramic and natural slates, and also with Nu-lok PV slates. This system has a low labour requirement, and is ideal where the remainder of the roof is also roofed with the Nu-lok system.


These polycarbonate single lap tiles are compatible with Marley Modern/Redland Mini-stonewold concrete tiles. They are ideal for fitting into an existing concrete tiled roof.


This is a lightweight solar cladding system for use over existing profile metal roofing. Ideal for industrial applications, it utilises existing roof insulation for low imposed weight, low cost, high output heating systems.



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